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Carl Hausman on Larry Kane’s Voice of Reason discussing the future of news:

Carl Hausman on The O’Reilly Factor:

Carl Hausman on Anderson Cooper’s World News Now:


Carl Hausman entry in Wikipedia. 

Lecture on new ethical issues in the digital era.

How to avoid procrastination when starting a writing project, from Philly Ad Club News. 

Advice on organizing and writing a major document in Philly Ad Club News. 

How to use memory tricks to keep from confusing similar-sounding words — advice in Philly Ad Club News.

Free video lecture course in writing nonfiction articles and books, geared toward academics.

Carl Hausman’s page. page for Lies We Live By. page for Modern Radio Production.

Google Books preview page for Lies We Live By.

New York Observer review of Lies We Live By.

Routledge publisher page on Lies We Live By.

2011 interview with Fox News about open-microphone incident with presidents Obama and Sarkozy.

2009 interview in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the future of news.

2004 interview about books and politics in USA Today.
2000 radio interview (excerpt) from The Paula Gordon Show. 

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