Write Like a Pro Wins National Award for Writing and Publishing

Press Release from Praeger Publishing

Write Like a Pro CoverScreenshot 2018-07-03 15.45.54.png(Santa Barbara, CA)—Congratulations to Praeger author Carl Hausman for winning an Independent Publisher Book Award!

Dr. Hausman earned a gold medal in the category of Writing and Publishing for Write Like a Pro: Ten Techniques for Getting Your Point Across at Work (and in Life).
Since 1996 the IPPY Awards have been recognizing the best work from independent publishers in a variety of categories. For the complete list of medalists, visit www.independentpublisher.com.
For those looking to become great business writers, this practical guide supplies clear instruction and examples of how to organize thoughts into written form, impart information with pinpoint accuracy, persuade, and hold the reader’s interest: in short, to use language to get what you want. Written by an established expert on writing and communication, journalism professor Carl D. Hausman, Write Like a Pro: Ten Techniques for Getting Your Point Across at Work (and in Life) can make you a better writer, regardless of your experience and current skill level.


This book doesn’t just cover the essential “mechanics” of good writing; it focuses on developing the more subtle skills of infusing your writing with eloquence, power, accuracy, and persuasiveness—and it shows readers how to achieve those qualities with no-nonsense advice. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to write effectively, in any form, from emails to complaint letters to social media.


Carl Hausman, PhD, is professor of journalism at Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ, and has been interviewed by The New York Times, USA Today, Editor and Publisher, and the Columbia Journalism Review. _____________________________________________________________________________________
Write Like a Pro is available in three formats, on Amazon and the ABC-CLIO web site.
Hardcover 978-1-4408-4414-0 $37
Paperback 978-1-4408-5064-6 $22
Ebook 978-1-4408-4415-7

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Carl Hausman is Professor of Journalism at Rowan University, the author of several books about media, and a commentator about the role of media and ethics in civic life.

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